"one of the best decisions I will ever make"

"About a year ago, I was outwardly successful but inwardly stuck. I reached out to Colleen… That could have very easily been one of the best decisions I will ever make. Colleen gave me the coaching that I needed to make the necessary changes for my happiness and success.  She believed in my greatness and held me accountable for making my life how I imagined it could be.  She patiently and "present"ly guided me through meditations, neural programming and action steps I could take for permanent change.  Colleen is not only extremely positive, encouraging, she is also very talented.  I cannot say how blessed I am to have such a kind and caring mentor, and an incredible resource for personal growth." 

~ Michael McGillicuddy, Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

“I have achieved all my goals.”

“I just wanted to tell you that I looked back at my journal from life coaching with you, and I have achieved all the goals I set back then. So I just wanted to say thank you. :) I still use and share the things you taught.”

— Morgan, high school client, now in University and ROTC


"I recently auditioned and received a recurring role on a national network television show."

“For a long time I was unhappy and unfulfilled with not only my work but also my passion for acting. I didn’t take myself very seriously ad felt like my goals were distant. i was living in an emotional racket that i was holding onto which became my story for a long time.

Working with colleen was tremendously eye opening and wonderfully constructive. the one thing i like about colleen is the questions that she asks. Upon out initial session/meeting, she helped me realize two very important passions/goals that i had been putting off. it was a real wake-up call and had me thinking for the immediate time after. i felt a sense of urgency when i normally procrastinated. and through simple actions it became more apparent that i could achieve them.

I’m now a restaurant manager of a multi-million dollar business, and I recently auditioned and received a recurring role on a national network television show. These achievements thus far have only made me wanting more. i deeply appreciate the dialog that occurred in Colleen’s office; it sparked and triggered a conversation that I need to start with myself.”

— Danny H., Actor


"Cheers to growing so much closer to God, to purpose, to trusting and becoming more and more confident in myself"

The work I've been practicing with Colleen has raised my awareness tremendously. From meditations, mantras, energizing my chakras -- I've been manifesting a sense of belonging to something important.

Cheers to growing so much closer to God, to purpose, to trusting and becoming more and more confident in myself. Cheers to smiling more, to deepening my relationships, to finishing books -- a great read ---'The Celestine Prophecy' something I hadn't done in years. To getting rid of my anxiety, to growing closer to my Dad, to loving more, to happiness, to wisdom, to understanding, to having FUN in life and my job, and super cheers LOVE.

Cheers to filling myself up, to no more relying on co-dependency, and focusing on what's best for me. Cheers to patience and realizing everything is unfolding according to my own divine plan. Thanks Colleen for making this possible for me, I love you.

Anisah J., Digital Journalist turned Actress training for Broadway


“on my way to bigger and better adventures!”

The awareness and tools that you taught me is soo unbelievable.. I got so much clarity and I'm on my way to bigger and better adventures 💃🏾💃🏾 super happy with my new tools to life!!

— Alex M.

"helped me define a structure..."

"In my case, I had been searching for clarity and career stability. Colleen helped me define a structure, a framework to sift through the noise and truly define what I wanted… I was able to manifest a well-paying job in the field I'm most interested in and on top of that I found a new partner. "

- Andre' Engineer & Designer

“a space of complete non-judgement”

Working with Colleen was such a beautiful experience! She was able to create a space of complete non-judgement where I felt safe to discuss my challenges and voice fears that I'd never admitted to anyone.  Doing so finally allowed me to see my situation clearly, see my options and trust that I was being guided to a solution.  If you're feeling overwhelmed or confused by your situation do yourself a favour and reach out to Colleen! She offers the grace of an angel and the wisdom of a sage.

— Heather Petherick, Career Coach


“colleen is a spiritual powerhouse!”

"Colleen is a spiritual powerhouse! She has a massive toolbox of energy-shifting techniques combined with tools for transformation. Powerful transformation was experienced in every session. 

~ Shawn Neff, Business Coach  


“more connected to my true self”

"The clarity and sense of purpose I received from working with Colleen has allowed me to feel more connected to my true self, and to whom I'm meant to serve in this lifetime. Colleen held me accountable for taking manageable action steps to help me reach my new goals. With her support, I wasn't left feeling overwhelmed or alone in making these positive changes in my life. My life has changed completely for the better after working with her. I cannot thank her enough." 

— Kris Perry, Corporate Professional, Hong Kong