“Working with Colleen is the best thing that I have ever done for myself!

I am now free! Working with her removed blockages & issues than decades of therapy could not.

I no longer fear failure, I  am actively writing my book, I no longer fear what other people think of me, & my issues surrounding money are disappearing. I am living from my intuition & I trust myself. Colleen changed my life!”

— Geneva F.

“Colleen is a powerful facilitator of healing, and great at what she does…”

“Colleen's healing sessions were exactly what I needed to move me through some stuckness. The first session I had with her was November 2018. It was so powerful, and I have a lot of experience with healing -- over almost 2 decades -- so I know what I'm talking about! I didn't feel the shifts in myself or my life for 3-4 weeks after the first session but I can definitely say that after that, I experienced big and positive changes in my outlook and the way I felt about myself, my business, money and relationships. Colleen is a powerful facilitator of healing, and great at what she does. Thanks Colleen!”

-- Kecia L., Canada

“Working with Colleen for just a few hours tapped into places within me that I hadn't explored,but that really wanted and needed exploration..”


"I have been on a deep, personal journey for almost a year where I have invited in various perspectives through meditation retreats, counseling, and published wisdom. Working with Colleen for just a few hours tapped into places within me that I hadn't explored,but that really wanted and needed exploration. She helped me see what I needed to unpack and work with in order to bring my mind, heart and body into greater alignment with my authentic self. In doing so, she helped me understand co-dependency and shame, and how these traumas were influencing my current behaviors and ability to break through self-imposed limitations.

Colleen has an incredible ability to ask provocative questions,present possible re-frames, and create safe space for you to vocalize what you need to express in order get clear with yourself about your fears, desires, mental traps, and the work you need to do moving forward to get what you actually want. She offers opportunities to 'play' with lots of possibilities, which helped me see where I could transform my this or that thinking, into fully, integrated possibilities where I could have this and that!"

-- Kathleen H. 

I broke through barriers, overcame fear, and started taking active steps to align my life’s work with my divine purpose.

"I had to go back and see how long ago it was that we had our first call, because in some ways, it all feels so long ago... I remember that my internet at my house wasn’t working, so I drove downtown to the library parking lot so I could pirate their wi-fi. lol

I sat in my car for our call, and I watched the rain pouring down my windows as we began our conversation. At one point during our call, after connecting to the Light, I remember just crying... all this emotion and need and soul-urging that I had been repressing for so long just started pouring out of me. I remember being thankful for the rain, hoping that it was blurring my windows so that the people walking past couldn’t see my tears. I found such incredible clarity that day, and in the calls that followed. 

I broke through barriers, overcame fear, and started taking active steps to align my life’s work with my divine purpose. I’m SO grateful for you and for the work you did with me.

Seriously - talk about life changing! 🤯🥰

Now - I’M DOING IT. My “regular” job is done at the end of the month, and I’ve been working my tail off to get all my systems in place for my energy healing business and my 90-day life creation coaching program, and I’ll be ready to start taking on clients in a week or so.  

I have no idea where this will go or what to expect, but I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER OR HAD SO MUCH SYNCHRONICITY IN MY LIFE BEFORE! Ever.  It feels absolutely glorious. 🤩

So I just wanted to send you a reminder that you are CHANGING LIVES and spreading SO MUCH LIGHT just by showing up and being you and putting yourself out there, and I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. 🙏🏽🙌🏽

Oh. And that first call? August 21st. It hasn’t even been quite 6 months yet. Is that even possible?!?! Why does it feel like I’ve already lived several lifetimes in that span of time??? Is it just me?! Oh my goodness. ♥️ At any rate, I would NOT have done this without your help, so - sending you ALL the love and gratitude. Thank you for being! 

-Tonia P., Alaska


“palpable energetic effect that I can feel down to my mitochondrial dna…”

hey Colleen... just wanted to follow up... I feel so peaceful in my empowerment after our session. What a gift for you to share your energy for my healing... I honestly have more clarity on the block holding me back and how I was afraid of my own power. It really has had such a palpable energetic effect that I can feel down to my mitochondrial dna. Those are the words that come to mind...

-Michele P., California

“She’s tuned in and able to spontaneously respond in a clear and intuitive way.”

There are a few things I appreciate about Colleen. She’s got a great attitude and is always in a super supportive and positive demeanor. She’s tuned in and able to spontaneously respond in a clear and intuitive way. When we were doing our light work, she could immediately see when my energy changed or moved. I felt it and she said it at the same moment. She’s gifted at guiding and sharing  from her experience and her intuitive process. Each time I work with Colleen, I leave the meeting feeling like I moved some unwanted blocks and found a path to what I do what. Because of my work with Colleen, I’ve restarted a project that I’d put on the back burned and realized connections to past issues that were holding my work up. Happy to be making progress!!

- Vanessa A., Brooklyn, Artist

"I’ve been experiencing more abundance and opportunities to be fearless"

“I’m truly pleased with the healing session I had with Colleen Coles. From the start of our conversation, I could sense her intention in wanting to understand and guide me in any ways that she could. She is a great listener, very easy to talk to, and I felt I could trust her - which is so important when looking to others to perform healing work with/for you. She was direct, but not at all judgmental or harsh. Some of the emotions, visions, and messages that came up during our session were truly astonishing to me. Her advice was very practical and easy to digest. I think about what I felt/learned in our session often. I came away with a deeper sense of direction and power, particularly regarding my creative career. In the days after our session, I’ve had some personal epiphanies that I feel better prepared to take action towards. I was able to sort of hit a mindset reset button. I believe that I’ve been experiencing more abundance, and opportunities to be fearless because of that. I’m really grateful for the work that we did together and would love to work with her again.

-Suraiyah O., Comedian, New York

"one of the best decisions I will ever make"

"About a year ago, I was outwardly successful but inwardly stuck. I reached out to Colleen… That could have very easily been one of the best decisions I will ever make. Colleen gave me the coaching that I needed to make the necessary changes for my happiness and success.  She believed in my greatness and held me accountable for making my life how I imagined it could be.  She patiently and "present"ly guided me through meditations, neural programming and action steps I could take for permanent change.  Colleen is not only extremely positive, encouraging, she is also very talented.  I cannot say how blessed I am to have such a kind and caring mentor, and an incredible resource for personal growth." 

~ Michael McGillicuddy, Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

"I recently auditioned and received a recurring role on a national network television show."

“For a long time I was unhappy and unfulfilled with not only my work but also my passion for acting. I didn’t take myself very seriously ad felt like my goals were distant. i was living in an emotional racket that i was holding onto which became my story for a long time.

Working with colleen was tremendously eye opening and wonderfully constructive. the one thing i like about colleen is the questions that she asks. Upon out initial session/meeting, she helped me realize two very important passions/goals that i had been putting off. it was a real wake-up call and had me thinking for the immediate time after. i felt a sense of urgency when i normally procrastinated. and through simple actions it became more apparent that i could achieve them.

I’m now a restaurant manager of a multi-million dollar business, and I recently auditioned and received a recurring role on a national network television show. These achievements thus far have only made me wanting more. i deeply appreciate the dialog that occurred in Colleen’s office; it sparked and triggered a conversation that I need to start with myself.”

— Danny H., Actor


"Cheers to growing so much closer to God, to purpose, to trusting and becoming more and more confident in myself"

The work I've been practicing with Colleen has raised my awareness tremendously. From meditations, mantras, energizing my chakras -- I've been manifesting a sense of belonging to something important.

Cheers to growing so much closer to God, to purpose, to trusting and becoming more and more confident in myself. Cheers to smiling more, to deepening my relationships, to finishing books -- a great read ---'The Celestine Prophecy' something I hadn't done in years. To getting rid of my anxiety, to growing closer to my Dad, to loving more, to happiness, to wisdom, to understanding, to having FUN in life and my job, and super cheers LOVE.

Cheers to filling myself up, to no more relying on co-dependency, and focusing on what's best for me. Cheers to patience and realizing everything is unfolding according to my own divine plan. Thanks Colleen for making this possible for me, I love you.

Anisah J., Digital Journalist & Actress training for Broadway


“on my way to bigger and better adventures!”

The awareness and tools that you taught me are soo unbelievable.. I got so much clarity and I'm on my way to bigger and better adventures 💃🏾💃🏾 super happy with my new tools to life!!

— Alex M., Entrepreneur

"helped me define a structure..."

"In my case, I had been searching for clarity and career stability. Colleen helped me define a structure, a framework to sift through the noise and truly define what I wanted… I was able to manifest a well-paying job in the field I'm most interested in and on top of that I found a new partner. "

- Andre' Engineer & Designer

“a space of complete non-judgement”

Working with Colleen was such a beautiful experience! She was able to create a space of complete non-judgement where I felt safe to discuss my challenges and voice fears that I'd never admitted to anyone.  Doing so finally allowed me to see my situation clearly, see my options and trust that I was being guided to a solution.  If you're feeling overwhelmed or confused by your situation do yourself a favour and reach out to Colleen! She offers the grace of an angel and the wisdom of a sage.

— Heather Petherick, Career Coach & Entrepreneur


“colleen is a spiritual powerhouse!”

"Colleen is a spiritual powerhouse! She has a massive toolbox of energy-shifting techniques combined with tools for transformation. Powerful transformation was experienced in every session. 

~ Shawn Neff, Business Coach  


“more connected to my true self”

"The clarity and sense of purpose I received from working with Colleen has allowed me to feel more connected to my true self, and to whom I'm meant to serve in this lifetime. Colleen held me accountable for taking manageable action steps to help me reach my new goals. With her support, I wasn't left feeling overwhelmed or alone in making these positive changes in my life. My life has changed completely for the better after working with her. I cannot thank her enough." 

— Kris Perry, Corporate Professional, Hong Kong