My 5 Step System to Fulfill Your Purpose & Turn it into a Career You LOVE!
(without losing the success you've worked so hard for!)


Join Me! Purpose Alignment Coach, Colleen Coles, on this epic FREE webinar, to Learn...

  • Why trying so hard to 'figure out’ your purpose may actually be keeping you STUCK

  • The secret to getting crystal clear on what you’re meant to do — and taking the next step to get there with ease & grace in 2018

  • How to connect to your Highest Self (that already sees the bird's eye view) and remove the #1 block to thriving in your career and mission on the planet

  • The simple method to align your skill set with your talents & working your career in a way you LOVE (this is called your zone of genius... I'll show you how to step into it for you...)

  • That you don’t have to sacrifice the success you’ve gained… and in fact, can be MORE successful doing what you love & following God's will! (… and yes! even in competitive fields)


"Colleen is not only extremely positive, encouraging, she is also very talented.  I cannot say how blessed I am to have such a kind and caring mentor, and an incredible resource for personal growth."  ~ Michael M., English Teacher turned Entrepreneur, Hong Kong"

“I was unhappy and unfulfilled with not only my work but also my passion for acting. I didn’t take myself very seriously and felt like my goals were distant ... I recently auditioned and received a re-occuring role on the national AMC television show Turn. These achievements thus far have only made me wanting more.”  ~ Danny H.,  Steakhouse server turned professionally-paid actor, Virginia

"If you're feeling overwhelmed or confused by your situation do yourself a favour and reach out to Colleen!  She offers the grace of an angel and the wisdom of a sage.” ~ Heather P., Career & Success Coach, Canada