Do you feel frustrated when it comes to time management

yet don’t want structure to hold you back?


Get in the FLOW of life using time management!


Time Management for the Creative Spiritual Freebird Course!

A 6 week homestudy course in following your dream, staying with the Flow, and having structure in a way that works for you!

  • Do you feel scattered and overwhelmed that you have so many great creative ideas… but just can’t seem to stick to a plan to actually implement them, or live out the dreams that are most important to you?

  • Do you feel like time management just isn’t for you… but secretly & desperately wanting some type of structure so you can finally have peace of mind and feel productive or on purpose?

  • Feel anxious, guilty and frustrated that you’ve already tried and know the time management tools, but just can’t seem to have it work for you (while they seem so easy for everyone else?)

Is all you want…

  • to feel at peace, while also productive?

  • to have the time to do the things you want, that you feel are your purpose or will even help you make more money?

  • to STOP FEELING STUCK knowing that if you had a way to finish the courses you signed up for, do the trainings for your business, or really start the creative endeavor you’ve been wanting to pursue, that everything would be different for you and you could really just soar.

    If so, i totally get it. I have been there too.

Hey, I’m Colleen. A Spiritual Creative Purposeful being just like you.

I remember only a few years back I decided to take 10 self-study programs instead of going to Grad school. It was perfect— I had created my own curriculum of what lit me up the most after deciding I wanted to be a life coach and help people through more of a spiritual way, and THIS would actually help me live out my dream.

I had it all planned out — I had bought these courses right at the beginning of the summer, Learning about chakras, meditation, quantum jumping… and the list went on! [bliss!] — and knew that if I just put my mind to it, I could graduate from all 10 courses and be ready to kick off my dream of becoming a life coach by Fall.


However, by the time September had rolled around….

I hadn’t even finished one of the 10 courses that I had set out and was determined to take.


Well, you might be able to relate, but as much as I wanted to trust my own flow,

“Life” got in the way and I felt like a slave to my own responsibilities.

Working my job, being in a relationship… the list goes on, and suddenly, my ‘time’ had passed, and I couldn’t believe I had failed.

I could never get that time back, and my dream was slipping away.

It wasn’t until at the very end of the summer I had an angel reading, and the first thing that came out was ‘YOU NEED STRUCTURE”

Which was so hard for me to hear!

I thought with structure, I wouldn’t find freedom!

This wasn’t who I was… I’m too spiritual for this!

And if I wanted to be spiritual and creative, I had to let myself go with the flow.

Have you ever felt that way?

(maybe you Can relate)…

  • Late all the time

  • never feeling like you have enough time,

  • scrambling but still never finding time to do what you love

  • Feeling unorganized to really do everything you have to get done.

  • Everyone else being able to be productive, but not figuring out a way to actually have you be.

So I made it my mission and it was my main (anxious!) focus for a couple years to find what worked for me.

And this is what I found,

The truth was NONE of those systems were working for me, because as a spiritual freebird, I didn’t fit into the box.

I wanted to be more creative!

So I found ways to combine what I had learned and create something that totally worked for me through the spiritual bad-ass mentors I had learned from along the way.

I found structure, had more freedom, and could still be creative, productive and in flow!


Fast forward to today:

I am full time in my spiritually-based coaching business that I thought might never get off the ground because of how i was using my time… (yay!!), 

I feel calm and structured, productive, living out my dream now of traveling and still getting my work done (Even by going to Brazil for 2 weeks and STILL being able to work, create, and surf)

While also having a really nice schedule at home that makes me feel like I’m in my body again and have time for my family, me, and just at peace! 


That’s why I’m so excited to bring what I’ve learned to you.

Testimonials from the course:

“The tools taught in the class have been super helpful for me. Before when I went to work and I sat at my desk, I didn’t have any guarantee that I would be productive...

“I would be like ok I’m here, but I don’t know if I’m going to be checking my phone, reading something on the internet that I liked rather than what i’m supposed to do… honestly I didn’t trust myself much when i was at work, like yes this was going to get done. Now with the tools I  feel I’m moving ahead a lot more quickly than before.”

— Laura, Michigan.

“Everything. Everything has been a takeaway. This class was on another level in regards to time management.”

— Aura, Finland.



  • Feeling in control of your day. 

  • Finally feeling like the creative one who is supported by time and life… not up against it!!

  • Being done at 6 (or whenever your heart desires!).  and collapsing on your couch with a job well done exhale! Knowing you’re about to go do something fun 

  • Feeling grounded and calm because you know how and when you will get your projects done (without worrying about it while you sleep)

  • Having evenings off, going to the movies and enjoy quality time with your family, partner or friends. (while also having the satisfaction of getting done what was important to you during the day).

  • No longer shaming or giving yourself a hard time comparing yourself to others and how they are working… but finding a system that works on your own. 

  • Spending more quality time on what matters most to you, and seeing your work in the world affecting people or the world that you love.

  • Feeling relief, having a plan, and being confident, focused, AND intuitive with how you spend your time to actually get your work done and your dream a reality.


This is all possible for you!!

You just need to find the structure that works for YOU being the intuitive, creative freebird you are!

Time Management for the Creative Spiritual Freebird

A 6 week homestudy course in following your dream, staying with the Flow, and having structure in a way that works for you!


What I have found is that most time management systems don’t work for people like us. 

They aren’t created for it… it’s more for guys in plaid collared shirts who might be good and geared toward it anyway (know what i mean?) ;-) 

The truth is you still can be YOU (that’s your strength) but the secret is about finding the tactics that will work FOR you, in service to you the boss, and have it just help you flow tapping in to your creative ability and what you do best, just chunking it down so that you feel more in control.

That’s why I’m so lit up to tell you that I’ve created a class that will help you do just that.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 Modules that are ‘dripped’ out to you weekly so you don’t try to do everything at once, but can actually follow through! you have time support built in!

  • Recordings of all content and calls fo’ life so you can revisit whenever you need.

  • A intimate community of like-minded creatives just like you in the facebook group!

Sign up with early bird pricing— save $200!


  • 3 LIVE calls biweekly throughout the program to get all your questions answered and have live coaching support. (Starting November 30th) ($900 value!)

  • a 1:1 healing intensive with me to clear out any energy blocks in the way of you doing this for you (or anything you’ve set your mind to!)until black Friday, November 23rd, ($297 Value!)

  • Manifesting for the new year bonus live group call! use your time right and get prepared for 2019! this live group call will be powerful for you to reflect, recalibrate, and set your intentions for the following year. don’t miss this chance to get ahead! use my step-by-step system to really be prepared and manifest for the new year, so you can use your time right and feel calm yet powerful in 2019. ($199 value)(Starting December 13th).

Total value: $1400 in bonuses

whole course $297!

Why is this course so inexpensive?

I am so passionate about my people having the tools they need to actually get their purpose off the ground, I want to make it as easily accessible as possible. This is more than just about you; this is about the dream that wants to come through you, doing God’s work, and helping it come out as easily as possible. I’m all about that and want to help more people do the same.

For me, my time management was a huge reason it wasn’t happening. And that’s why I’m so passionate to make sure that you can make it as easy as possible to actually do the things you say you’ll do, by having the tools (and the mindset cleared) so that you can manage your time and live out your purpose that God put you on this earth to live.

It’s more than about you friend. It’s about what’s ready to come through you. Now, the only other question— are you ready to live it? Are you ready to say yes to your dream?

Then no more excuses. Sign up now so you can give it the chance, and your happiness the chance, to thrive.

Why this program is different:

Unlike left-brain thinkers who get strucutre, I’m just like you. Being a creative colorful, spiritual intuitive butterfly-like person most of my life, I really have been through the struggle and come out the other side. That’s why I feel unlike other programs I really get you and can help you overcome the nuinces that other rigid programs might not see for you. But i’ve been there, and I can help you out while still having you create what is unique for you and can actually work.

Also, this is a small group that will have you feeling seen, heard, and can use these tools in a unique way to you with personal coaching and feedback.

”Amazing Program, Colleen. This is Gold!” - Aura, class student, Finland


Here's what we'll cover:

  • Module 1: get clear on your priorities

Getting clear on your desires, and how to actually make them happen. I will teach you how you can make sure you calendar in what’s most important to you FIRST, while still having plenty of time for what you need to do in a job or with the rest of life. (this has been a game changer for me).

Your transformation: feel empowered, not too pushed, and slide into change. actually start spending time on what’s important and have a plan and structure to get it done. 

  • Module 2: whats in the way of you doing this yourself… and how you finally can

The beliefs and judgements about yourself that are keeping you stuck, and myths busted about time management and you fitting into it. 

Your Transformation: Have consistent time management without being hard on yourself and actually start workin’ your dream in joy and focused purpose.

  • Module 3: energetics of time management (…and what the guru’s aren’t telling you)

How to be creative, while also having structure: finding a time management that totally works with you. I’ll be sharing all that I’ve learned so that you can apply what intuitively fits for you— without overwhelm, just choosing 1 to try out for 1 week.

Your Transformation: stop trying to fit in a box that doesn’t work for you- become the boss of your life, let yourself be unique and find and work what works for you! Feel confident in how you run your life rather than messing up.

  • Module 4: clear out old limiting beliefs

Spiritual tactics to time that can have you leaping 

Your Transformation: learn how to bend time using quantum physics, and no longer feel like time is against or outside of  you. — instead feel the pleasure, peace, confidence and relief of knowing you are in control of your life AND over time. 

  • Module 5:  having your space be your creative bliss pad.

Your physical space: why it’s important and how it is effecting your focus (and how to declutter without it taking over your time… or your life! While still living the benefits of having a clear space). 

Your Transformation: having a physical space that doesn’t freak you out anymore or overwhelm you! take a deep breath out when you walk into your space, without getting totally overwhelmed because you’ll have a system!

  • Module 6: What to do when life gets in the way:

How to actually stick to a schedule and system that works for you when unexpected things come in the way! This is how to handle it and stay the course… in YOUR own unique way!

Transformation: actually stick to what you started and leave this course feeling on top of your game and with boundaries in your life! Spend more time on the good stuff that matters to you most! And feel confident around what you did get done.


don’t miss any of the live calls or these exclusive healing bonuses!

sign up now to gain everything out of this program,

(and finish your others you said you’d do ;) )

Here’s what others are saying about the course …

For a long time I was unhappy and unfulfilled with my work and also my passion for acting. I didn’t take myself very seriously ad felt like my goals were distant. 

“Working with Colleen was tremendously eye opening and wonderfully constructive. Upon out initial session, she helped me realize two very important passions that i had been putting off. it was a real wake-up call and had me thinking for the immediate time after. I felt a sense of urgency when I normally procrastinated. and through simple actions it became more apparent that I could achieve them.”

—- Danny H. - National Television Actor, Restaurant manager, charismatic bad-ass

Now it’s time to tackle my schedule and fit “applying to grad school” in the holes where my job(s) weren’t.

“And it was as simple as this; Colleen writes a schedule for me, and I follow it. She tells me to put it somewhere that I will see it all the time, so I tape it to the console of my car. Now - I have a planner, and I’m perfectly capable of doing this myself.

—Sara E. Actor, creative, dancer, lover of life, and a US Navy Journalist.

What happens if you don’t have time management?

Friend, let’s be real. You probably, like me, are already feeling really bad about not moving more of your dream forward, or even discovering more of what that is.

And it can be so hard when you also feel enslaved to your job and like you really don’t have time.

But the truth is Time is the most precious asset we have, and you CAN find a way for yourself to flow with it— you just need to find the structure that works as creatively and spiritually as you are.


If you’re like me, Out of all of the things you focus on… this is the thing you should focus on most!…. so you actually get done what you need!

And if you haven’t changed on your own so far, how will you change on your own today?

What would you pay to end years of stuggling and just finally get your shit done!

And out of ALL the areas of our lives, our time management affects every other area, and is the one that you really can’t get back.

What others are saying:

I have FUN now. Before coaching with Colleen, I was SO hard on myself,

always judging my actions and not giving myself full credit. I wasn't kind to myself as much as I tried to be I didn't realize how simple it was to get there. Colleen worked with me to help me understand that I already have all that it takes to accomplish what I need and the purpose I need to fulfill in my life. She taught me how to stay positive and what tools I can use when certain situations come up.

— Anisah J. Digital Journalist for national television network; actress, singer

If you're feeling overwhelmed or confused by your situation do yourself a favour and reach out to Colleen!

  She offers the grace of an angel and the wisdom of a sage.”

—- Heather P., Cananda

 I reached out to Colleen… That could have very easily been one of the best decisions I will ever make.

“She believed in my greatness and held me accountable for making my life how I imagined it could be. Colleen is not only extremely positive, encouraging, she is also very talented.  I cannot say how blessed I am to have such a kind and caring mentor, and an incredible resource for personal growth."

— Michael M., Hong Kong

Go out and live your dream. It’s time!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this course just take up more of my time? I’m already busy as it is.

Good Q. I designed this course to not be another burden on your plate, but something you can implement right away and start seeing results (without taking a lot of your time). If you wanted to implement this course, to start saving time and organizing what you need to do, you can expect to spend about 3 hours a week to view the trainings and implement the work. If you have 3, 1hr chunks, one 3 hour space on the weekend, or 30 minutes a day during the week, you can rock this out and have space for what you really want to be doing most.

Any other pressing question? email me at, or hit me up on facebook

Is this course for me?

If you’re still reading through this page, then yes. This is absolutely for you. :) I’ve structured this course with the bonus to be able to clean your mindset while also having the tools to be successful if you haven’t before. If you’re ready, the Universe is ready too.

You got this, and see you in the course!

xo Colleen