A 6-week Transformative Coaching Package

to Discover What You're Meant For.


Are you feeling stuck in a job that you hate, even though you feel like you should love it?

Are you disappointed, bored, and confused with why you feel so unsatisfied, because you worked so hard to get where you’re at, and feel like you’re meant for something more?

Are you frustrated and feeling hopeless, because you did everything “right”-- got the degree, got the job, followed the plan-- yet are still not feeling lit up by what you do?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, believe me, I get you. That was me just one year ago. I was exactly in that place, feeling hopeless and lost.

I was an elementary school teacher, who had the dream, desire and motivation to become one since I was in 5th grade. I got the degree and was in a job I had worked hard to get, with still some room for expansion. I had been getting great praise, and told time and time again that I was a great teacher. I had excellent rapport with my colleagues and students.

But on the inside -- in reality-- I was feeling more and more depleted every single day.

I was feeling guilty for not wanting to do what I had worked so hard for and imagined myself doing for so long.

I was angry at myself and the Universe for leading me down this path, when it didn’t even feel “right” once I got there.

I felt so lost, because if I couldn’t trust myself to get to where I was now, how could I really find what I’d want to do in the future, and make sure I actually liked it?

All I really wanted was to do was be happy, do what I loved, and make a big impact in the world. But it just felt like my window to really have that happen was closing, and getting smaller and smaller every moment...


Flash forward to today, and I couldn’t be more exuberantly thrilled with where I’m at in my job and career!

  • I’m excited to wake up in the morning, and look forward to the work I’m going to do that day.

  • I’m feeling confident and motivated to do work that I love and that feels totally in alignment with what I’m really meant for, and why I’m really here.

  • I’m doing what truly makes me happy, what totally lights me up, and what feels more purposeful than anything I could have imagined.

And the best part? I’m actually making a difference in the world and making money doing it. I can live a bigger life with the freedom to do what I want, all while still helping a lot of people in the process. 

Doing what you love AND being happy helps more people as a whole.

It’s a Win-Win!

Back in the day, I felt guilty for even thinking that I could have the luxury of doing what I loved after starting the career I had chosen. I felt I needed to be of service and pay my dues through the hard times of my career, only hoping that it would change and get better. 

But in reality (not comparing to my dream of what I thought it'd be like) I was truly unhappy, and I wasn't doing those kids any favors by being there not loving my job and feeling hopeless and stressed in the process.

Comparing what I was putting myself through back then to how great I feel now, doing what I love and making money in the process, I want EVERYONE to feel as confident as I do, doing what truly lights them up. This is not only possible, but what I feel is truly meant for each individual on the planet to serve the greater good by doing what we love and are feeling drawn to do in the process.

No more feeling burnt out by what you’re doing. It’s time to feel expansive and go for what you're truly meant for.


So how can you make that transition for yourself?


The Discovery

A 6- week coaching package to find what you’re meant for
and start doing what you love. 

I designed this program to step you through real transformation, from getting past the blocks of fears that are holding you back to realizing what you truly love and are meant to do in this big life of yours.

I shaped this program from my own experience to give you step-by-step guidance of getting clear on what you want, have the tools to gain inner-knowing and self-confidence, and support you through POWERFUL transformation to go out and start doing what you love in the real world.

You will receive 1:1 private coaching with me, accountability and support reaching your own unique goals and getting through your own unique problems and stories. 

Don't keep yourself isolated in a job you don't love, reading self-help books with a pile of exercises to do on your own (that, let’s be honest, you probably won’t do).

The Discovery package will help you…

  • Get clear on what you’d really love to do, and distinguish that from “wishful thinking” or flippant scattered ideas

  • Bust through the critical self-talk, the “shoulds", the programming, and the judgements you have that are keeping you from your greatness and purpose in the world.

  • Release fears and ties to what others will think of you if you decide to do what you want.

  • Learn how to be present and get in touch with your Higher Power in any given moment, so that you can get clearer access to your truth and make better choices in any given moment.

  • Uncover your money story so you know why you may be attracting in low-paying jobs, a career that is not lighting you up, and uncover any fears of not making money from doing what you love, and get PAST them to start attracting in opportunities to DO what you love AND be supported financially to do it. 

  • Gain confidence in becoming visible in the world and standing up for your path and what you love.

  • Create a plan of action to go out and turn what you want into a reality, at whatever pace is right for you.

  • Learn tools that can help you stay grounded, mindful, aligned and motivated, even when you’re outside on your own after the coaching program is done.

  • Gain ways to look at the world through a more spiritual perspective, outside of your ego, so you can meet any obstacle with strength, clarity, grace and power.


Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others have to say about working with me:

"Colleen is a spiritual powerhouse! She has a massive toolbox of energy-shifting techniques combined with business tools for transformation. Powerful transformation was experienced in every session. She asked 'just the right questions' to get me moving in the forward direction in both my life and business."
~ Shawn Neff, Business Coach

"The clarity and sense of purpose I received from working with Colleen has allowed me to feel more connected to my true self, and to whom I'm meant to serve in this lifetime. Colleen held me accountable for taking manageable action steps to help me reach my new goals. With her support, I wasn't left feeling overwhelmed or alone in making these positive changes in my life. My life has changed completely for the better after working with her. I cannot thank her enough."
~ Kris Perry, Business Coach for Health Professionals, Hong Kong


Getting past the blocks that were keeping me stuck and finding the clarity and confidence to do what I enjoy took courage and commitment. Yet I believe it is something everyone can do!

  Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein

Like everything - you’ll get there faster when you have a mentor and someone who's done it before. I have spent abundant time and money studying under my own coaches-- leaders including Gabrielle Bernstein, Tony Robbins and success coach Gina DeVee-- along with other great mentors and personal life coaches.  I’m bringing all that I've learned from them to you AND MORE through this amazing Discovery One-on-One Coaching Package.


And the results? Feeling more purposeful, passionate and supported than ever before, doing something real in the world and rockin' it while doing it.


Let Me Be Clear: This is NOT a “One Size Fits All, become a coach like Colleen" program!

This is to discover YOUR unique path forward.

It’s about YOU discovering what you are meant for (and if that's a coach, awesome! But if not- cool!) 
and finding a way to make it happen. 

You are meant for something unique, while making any changes necessary at your own pace, and being pushed by a mentor to go out and really do it for yourself and the world.

Don't just be someone who talks the talk their whole life, and never goes out and does anything about it.  
Be someone who goes out with bravery and actually lives the life they would love to talk about.

Ready to do find and do what you're meant for?

In The Discovery 1:1 Coaching Package, you will receive:

  • Six (6) 1-on-1 coaching sessions over the course of 6 weeks.

  • A personalized package to suit you and your desired outcomes, so that your transformation is  flexible and unique to YOU.

  • A Welcome Packet for you to get clear on what you truly desire out of our time together and get super intentional on the life-changing outcomes you are searching for.

  • Email support between sessions so that you are fully supported between our calls.

  • Action steps and takeaways after each call so that you are ready to move forward during the week toward your goals.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • Clarity in knowing what you truly want, so that you can leave regret and self-doubt by the wayside.

  • Self-confidence to go out and do what you really desire, without thinking twice of what other people will think or say (especially those closest to you).

  • Release of fear, anxiety and other toxic emotions that are blocking your from your power to do what you desire.

  • Techniques to be more relaxed, in flow, and clear in the moment in your every day life so that you can stay on track to doing what you love.

  • Structure, space and time to stay committed on acting toward your goals, and be on the fast track toward your success.


The Discovery 1:1 Coaching Program is by application only. Sign up below for a free Discovery call with me to discover if this package is right for you! We'll dive into where you are, where you'd like to be, and how we can bridge the gap by working together!

People are waiting for you to show up to your best life, my friend. 

Those lives who YOU will impact, those who YOU will touch, and those who YOU are an example for are waiting for you to show up to your greatest calling, and help them in ways that only YOU can do.

Do you really have any more time to waste on putting your life and dreams on hold?

To keep your purpose waiting, which has also been patiently seeking you?

You and I both know how much this clarity, confidence and purpose means to you and to the world. To feel excited, motivated and fired up every day when you wake up because of the good you're doing in the world.

Are you willing to live another year with the thought, “If only?” Hiding from the world your true power and potential, and not doing what you really desire?

Feeling so low when you see the beautiful pictures of your friends traveling the world, doing what they truly love and in a career that lights them up, and you’re stuck in something that you don’t even want to be in, and are unsure about in the first place?

How can you afford not to take this opportunity?

That opportunity is here for you to transform your life to do what you are called to, to get to know who you TRULY are and what you REALLY want, and to go out and actually do that which will help you be the happiest you can be, while serving more people in the process.

You deserve this. Your Dream is counting on you.
And the greater purpose of the planet needs your light.



Plus, as an added bonus, I’m including email support throughout the week, so you have additional support when you need it outside of our weekly sessions.

You will also receive a Discovery Questionnaire at the beginning of your program, so that you can become clear on what you truly desire out of this program that is unique to YOU, and what got you to where you are now- psychologically, spiritually, mentally. From past clients, this questionnaire in itself is worth tremendous value, because of its ability to provide clarity for yourself before we begin.


This program is focused on your highest dreams and goals, getting clear on what those are in the first place, finding your purpose and your passion, and how to really pursue it.

These sessions give you the space to express WHO you are and WHAT you want without limits and in a safe open environment, so that you don't have to seem confused anymore to other people, trying to wear a smiling face. 

Ready to change your life? I’m ready to totally dive in with you and introduce you to your dream life that is waiting just around the corner.

"About a year ago, I was outwardly successful but inwardly stuck. I was unhappy and agitated, but couldn't put my finger on why. I reached out to Colleen and told her what I was feeling. She offered to help me gain some deeper self-knowledge and life coaching, so I said ok. That could have very easily been one of the best decisions I will ever make.

Colleen gave me the coaching that I needed to make the necessary changes for my happiness and success.
She believed in my greatness and held me accountable for making my life how I imagined it could be. She patiently and "present"ly guided me through meditations, neural programming and action steps I could take for permanent change.  

Colleen is not only extremely positive, encouraging, she is also very talented.  I cannot say how blessed I am to have such a kind and caring mentor, and an incredible resource for personal growth." 
~ Michael McGillicuddy, Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

Can’t wait to introduce you to your new passion and purposeful life,

XO Colleen

Still not sure? Sign up for a free Call to figure out if this program is right for you.