Your Body As Your Guide Virtual All-Day Workshop with Colleen Coles

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Your Body As Your Guide Virtual All-Day Workshop with Colleen Coles

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What’s Included in the Workshop:

Happening Virtually: Saturday, October 12, 10am-2:30 pm EST.

  • Ayurveda 101- learn what your composition says about you, how to better relate to others in relationships, what lifestyle habits are best for you, and how to relate to the cosmos & what it is saying to you knowing this sacred ancient energy system of India

  • Trauma & Trouble Shooting- What to do when our body doesn’t act as it ‘should’. Have clearer understanding behind auto-immune disorders, addictions, and feeling anxious and cray. Finally know what’s behind this and how to finally heal

  • Body Mapping- my signature collection of tools to understand what Life & the cosmos is sharing with you as guidance through understanding the language of the body. Use this knowledge for any time life takes a turn and you need guidance, fast, big decisions and small

  • 3 specific techniques energy techniques to allow your body to be your guide . These have absolutely saved my life, changed my life and given me a heartfelt and loving relationship to my body. They have saved countless hours in making decisions. We’ll be practicing these 3 advanced techniques on the call for you to have your choice in which you love and to be able to ask any questions so that you can use them starting that day.

Plus! These Bonuses:

- Personalized group energy healing to get to the root of the issue and see what body saying. ($149 value )

- Recording of the worksop for you to revisit any time (priceless!) ($397 value)

- Colleen looking up your specific ailments and protocol for healing— ill intuit for you on the call and use my intiutive ability to guide you on your next steps ($347)

- A list of resources, including the body parts and their significance ($19).

- 24 hour bonus ending Saturday at midnight: FREE 15 minute energy 1:1 clearing with Colleen ($50 value)

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