If you're really wanting to find your purpose...

Help other people, live what you are really meant for and your potential that your soul and God intended when you came on to this earth...

Get clarity around what you want

And stand up for yourself, not pleasing other people, but actually doing and speaking what is RIGHT for you!

Then I can help. 

Because sometimes it takes a lot of work to change old patterns and some real accountability.

Which is why I've created 5 new programs for you to get the exact support you need and are really craving to find purpose and feel 100% yourself again, wherever you are at in the journey (or in your budget)!

I want YOU to really know what's your divine calling, how you can help more people, and release the blocks, fears, and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

With love, warmth, and strong backing,


This is what I have for you...


The Alignment-  6 month 1:1 coaching program

Full of 1:1 support, mentorship, and breakthrough energetic healings that's included in each other program. Result: knowing what you want, not caring what others think, and actually on the path or fully expressing who you are in purpose in career and in your relationships. Includes healing intensives throughout the program

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The Breakthrough -

3 month 1:1 coaching program

The 3 month version of the 6 month program, for those who are ready for a breakthrough hit.
Find your purpose, and be living it out fully in your career and relationships. Includes healing intensives throughout the program

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Healing Session Intensive

A 1:1 90 minute intensive to go deeper into the patterns of keeping you stuck, and find the belief that is energetically holdng you back from what you actually really desire. (Connection with family or loved ones who have passed is also possible during these calls. Not to freak ya out! But this has happened multiple times if there is guidance for you through a passed on family member who you are also desiring to connect with).

Investment: $297


Time Management for the Spiritual Creative freebird

6 week Homestudy course

This is a recorded class of live sessions that will help you feel accepting of yourself as an intuitive person (who may not have grasped time management or like structure), but ALSO have you feeling in control of time. Live on purpose because you feel you got yo' sh*t together!

Includes Weekly support calls for 6 weeks, 6 modules and a live facebook community of supportive individuals!

Members of this class are saying: "Everything has been a takeaway. This class is on a whole nother level of time management" 

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Sale Price until Nov. 18- $297!


Discover Your Purpose

8 week Homestudy Program

Discover your purpose at your own time and pace! This 8 week, 10 call program I have for you, taking you through each step of what I do in my 1:1 coaching. 
Result: know your purpose, get through beliefs holding you back, all at your own pace. This program focuses on developing your intuition as a guide to finding your divine purpose in life.

Includes: 8 weekly recorded calls, 2 bonus classes of the exact steps I take clients through my 1:1 process

Result: Be on your path living out your purpose, break through limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, know what you want, and live confidently and on your spiritual path.

Investment: $497


Customizable programs

Not seeing what’s right for you? I can also customize programs unique to you based off what you are looking for and the type of support you are ready to receive. What’s the problem you’re ready to solve?

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Limited Time!

My 8 Steps to Manifesting Anything you want in 2019

2 hour Recorded Workshop!

Investment: $19