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How would it feel if instead of needing to please other people...

instead of trying to prove yourself to get what you wanted, or feel good enough to act...

instead of feeling like you had to be perfect, happy all of the time and couldn't show your true feelings...

You actually just had the confidence in yourself to go out and do what YOU wanted... and know exactly was right for you!


And THROUGH that, found alignment with what you wanted, opportunities from The Universe coming your way, and could trust yourself to discern what was the best right action for you, every step of the way?



Hi, I'm Colleen.

Purpose alignment coach and spiritual badass.

You know deep down what you truly want. Even if it seems out of reach....

And more than anything, you know that where you are at, doing what you're doing, isn't making you happy anymore.

You just don't know how to get out. 

If you're like me... decisions can freak you out, leaving you to search and search for others guidance until you feel somehow like you can count on them to make the right decision for you. And yet it still doesn't feel good, because you're not sure!   And so you keep searching.




and you just wish you had a better system, of how to really trust yourself and your own intuition.


Believe me, I get you. 

And I want to let you know something-- even though it may be challenging to trust yourself and your decisions, you actually do have it right within. And I'm not writing that to be a tease. 

It is possible to h


i can guide people in the discernment process by helping them get to know themselves better.

what wanted most: i wanted peace and joy,knowing that my decision making process i could trust. would free me up for not seek the wrong peoples council, just make my own decision, trusting my intuition

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What I;m saying is that by having the confidence in yourself through this one key shift, you will be able to know your own p

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