The 6 Week Accelerator: Discover Your Purpose

An All-Inclusive Program to

Live Authentically in Your Relationships & Have the Confidence and Clarity to Step into your Purpose that’s even More than a Career


What if there were a way to feel totally free to be yourself… 

actually be loved for it 

while making a difference in the world in the way 

only YOU are here to make?


  • Not caring what other people think of you or if they judge you at all… just confidence and freedom to finally be who you ARE!

  • Finally being in healthy loving relationships that only nourish your soul and light you up (even through the hard times)

  • Doing what you actually would love to be doing in your career, living out a deeper purpose helping other people… even if it’s something you’ve never done before and now? You’re actually ok with that and trusting the process.

  • Stepping out confidently to do what’s been in your heart for a long time, but haven’t had the clarity to really see how to do it.

If you long to be free being yourself, helping others in a meaningful way, and having relationships that fill you up rather than bring you down…

Then I’ve got your back!

Hey, I’m Colleen Coles, Purpose Alignment Coach and Spiritual Mentor around Purpose, Relationships and Being Yourself

One of the biggest blocks I’ve seen to everything above, is something I’ve talked about on podcasts and countless videos as the single most important thing a person needs to know to feel free being themselves, and what stops us from living out our truth, enacting that business idea you’ve had for so long, and at the same time what stops us from living our truth in relationships and having great relationships.

Do you know what that thing is?

No, it’s not a lack of self-confidence. It isn’t money, other people, it’s not even procrastination, or you

To me,

it’s the inability to feel full just by being ourselves, and therefore not taking action on our purpose because of what others will think.

It can look like…

  • Staying in unhealthy relationships even though you know you should leave

  • Wanting to tell someone how you feel… but stopping short and politely smiling and nodding while you slightly dwindle inside and feel small.

  • Afraid of hurting other people if you shine too bright

  • Taking care of others need’s before you take care of your own

  • Feeling confused on what you’re really here to offer or what action to take (even though you’ve had a sense of it for a really long time)

  • Feeling like you don’t clearly know what you want or how to trust yourself and your decisions

  • Having an an dream of what you’d really love to do for the planet… but something always seems to get in the way

Are you Ready for Your Breakthrough?

When you clear the blocks that hold you back from being yourself in your relationships, you gain the confidence to be yourself in your purpose and have clarity and true connection to what that really is. (because you express and know who you really are!)

Ready for that?

The 6 Week Accelerator: Discover Your Purpose

An All-Inclusive Program to

Live Authentically in Your Relationships & Have the Confidence and Clarity to Step into your Purpose that’s even More than a Career

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This All-Inclusive Program is exactly what you need to Express YOU in all that you do!

I broke through barriers, overcame fear, and started taking active steps to align my life’s work with my divine purpose. I’m SO grateful for you and for the work you did with me.

Seriously - talk about life changing!

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 4.56.56 PM.png

Now - I’M DOING IT. My “regular” job is done at the end of the month, and I’ve been working my tail off to get all my systems in place for my energy healing business and my 90-day life creation coaching program. I have no idea where this will go or what to expect, but  I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER OR HAD SO MUCH SYNCHRONICITY IN MY LIFE BEFORE! Ever.  It feels absolutely glorious.  So I just wanted to send you a reminder that you are CHANGING LIVES and spreading SO MUCH LIGHT just by showing up and being you and putting yourself out there, and I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. 🙏🏽🙌🏽”

-Tonia Puletau-Lang, Alaska

Working with Colleen for just a few hours tapped into places within me that I hadn't explored


"I have been on a deep, personal journey for almost a year where I have invited in various perspectives through meditation retreats, counseling, and published wisdom. Working with Colleen for just a few hours tapped into places within me that I hadn't explored, but that really wanted and needed exploration. She helped me see what I needed to unpack and work with in order to bring my mind, heart and body into greater alignment with my authentic self.

Colleen has an incredible ability to ask provocative questions, present possible re-frames, and create safe space for you to vocalize what you need to express in order get clear with yourself about your fears, desires, mental traps, and the work you need to do moving forward to get what you actually want. She offers opportunities to 'play' with lots of possibilities, which helped me see where I could transform my this or that thinking, into fully, integrated possibilities where I could have this and that!"

-- Kathleen H. , professor & Consultant


Here's what you’ll discover:

  • MODULE 1: how to open up to a power greater than yourself

Learn how to connect to your source, your truest self, so that you know you are always being guided. So many programs leave this step out, but in my experience it has been the most crucial to discovering and tapping into who i really and the calm to realize it


Know how to truly discover what you love, and know with certainty what you want. In this module you will be taught how to truly trust yourself, how to narrow down & get precise on what you want, know your why, and form a plan to take action to bring those desires into reality.

Learn the most powerful tool of visualization to create your wants into reality. By this point, you will be following your guidance, be open to receiving new opportunities, be clear on what you want, and inviting in 'random' opportunities to start moving in the right direction

  • MODULE 3: your intuition and being guided by your authentic self

Learn the 4 specific tools to help you make decisions using your inner wisdom & intuition. Step out of the drama of the fear-based mind, and now learn how to move in the direction of your energetic body, which never lies and can point you in the direction of your dreams. Know how and when the universe is talking to you, and how you can respond & make decisions quickly that will bring the best results.

  • MODULE 4: WHAT’S YOUR REAL PURPOSE? knowing what you’re meant for despite what others expect

Discover the difference between just doing what you're good at and finding what you love, to actually be most on fire in the world. In this module we will learn about what makes the difference in the Jeff Bezos, Tiger Woods, and Meryl Streeps of the world, and how you can tap into that same genius for you.

Here we will be diving in to discovering what your unique purpose really is, for you. Using techniques and exercises over the training, you will leave this module feeling guided, purposeful and with concrete steps to start taking to create your meaningful career.

  • MODULE 5: the BELIEFS & THE BLOCKS that keep you stuck (… and the tools to finally set you free)

It's not often talked about, but in this module you will be trained to identify the secret root of your blocks of feeling stuck, and how to uproot them and negative programming that is keeping you feeling like you can't do this, or like you have to please others to get what you want.

  • MODULE 6:  take action! HOW TO express who you are and do what you’re here to do (even if you’ve been scared or stagnant in the past)

Here you’ll be guided to taking action


In the Bonus Be You Stand True Live Recorded Workshop,
Here’s What You’ll Learn

1. Seeing the Root of Why We stay stuck

  • caring what other people think and then small and not ourselves (When I saw this, everything changed!)

2. What it takes to overcome those roots to Be Yourself 100%,

  • feeling fulfillment from being you, and not needing others to make you happy

3. The Specific actions you can take (tailored to your unique soul)

  • After the workshop so that you can start gaining clarity around your purpose, feel unafraid to say what you want to say, be confident, gaining clarity and living from a place of being guided by your intuition, and knowing you are on track.

4. Plus! A guided meditation & energy healing

  • to connect to your Authentic Self to see what S/he really needs and how to move forward from an aligned place in your soul.


“Colleen's healing sessions were exactly what I needed to move me through some stuckness. The first session I had with her was November 2018. It was so powerful, and I have a lot of experience with healing -- over almost 2 decades -- so I know what I'm talking about! I didn't feel the shifts in myself or my life for 3-4 weeks after the first session but I can definitely say that after that, I experienced big and positive changes in my outlook and the way I felt about myself, my business, money and relationships. Colleen is a powerful facilitator of healing, and great at what she does. Thanks Colleen!”

-- Kecia L., Canada

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Here’s How the Program Works:

  • 6 Recorded Modules

    of what it takes to discover who what your purpose is and to listen to when it’s convenient to you

  • 3 Group clarity and q&a Calls

    to have all your questions answered and guidance specific to you and your situation as you cover the material and go through the journey


  • 3 1:1 Healing and Coaching Calls ($1000 VALUE)

    with me by your side working with you 1:1 , you will gain so much more clarity and action taking ability ($1000 value)

  • Be You Stand True Live Recorded Workshop ($547 value)

    Everything you need to know so that you can get clear on the social barriers that hold you back, and finally take the action you need to with a plan on your dreams.

  • Private Online Community (PRICELESS)

    to keep you accountable and grounded with the support of like minded people.

Here’s What You’ll receive

  • An intimate setting of like-minded people…

    With only 6 participants in the program, you will have the space you deserve to dive deep and practice who you really are in a setting of non-judgement

  • 12+ amazing & tangible tools…

    And content that you can take home with you and implement right away for lasting change (very much like other workshops that only have you feeling hyped up… and without seeing a real difference. Here, you will).

  • Community Support…

    With 3 group calls and A facebook group specifically for those enrolled in the workshop, you will be able to foster great community, friendships, and have a safe continued space to practice what you’ve learned and being yourself.

  • Life changing healings in your 1:1 sessions…

    using my own intuitive process to clear blocks and meet your Authentic Self, these have been called “Life changing” and the most powerful spiritual experience to unlock your barriers to who you really are, deep-set in your body and ready to be released to bring out your truest self.

  • The recording of the entire Program & live calls

“This workshop was AWESOME. Colleen was super dynamic and the workshop was very interactive. I got a ton of insight and great advice from this workshop!” — past workshop participant

“For a long time I was unhappy and unfulfilled with not only my work but also my passion for acting. I didn’t take myself very seriously ad felt like my goals were distant. i was living in an emotional racket that i was holding onto which became my story for a long time.

Working with colleen was tremendously eye opening and wonderfully constructive. it was a real wake-up call and I felt a sense of urgency when I normally procrastinated.

I’m now a restaurant manager of a multi-million dollar business, and I recently auditioned and received a recurring role on an AMC/ national network television show. i deeply appreciate Colleen and the work that she does."

-- Danny H. 


Best choice I have made this year was working with you!

When we originally worked together in that session, it was very important for me that time that I felt like I was being authentic. Like I have the courage to see things are on my mind. It wasn't that I hadn't done that before or I lie or deceive people, but it just felt like sometimes there were things that I couldn't really say or didn't feel safe enough to say. What's crazy is that I don't really feel that way anymore. 

I don't have to actually affirm anymore. I'm able to be able to be my authentic self. I just feel that now. So I feel that is something that I was able to accomplished. It definitely took sometime but again, I always kind of had you and your guidance and my ear. and I'm really, really grateful to you.

Others who have been where you’re at and applied these steps in their lives…


From the start of our conversation, I felt I could trust her - which is so important when looking to others to perform healing work with/for you. She was direct, but not at all judgmental or harsh. Some of the emotions, visions, and messages that came up during our session were truly astonishing to me. Her advice was very practical and easy to digest. I think about what I felt/learned in our session often. I came away with a deeper sense of direction and power, particularly regarding my creative career. In the days after our session, I’ve had some personal epiphanies that I feel better prepared to take action towards. I was able to sort of hit a mindset reset button. I believe that I’ve been experiencing more abundance, and opportunities to be fearless because of that. I’m really grateful for the work that we did together and would love to work with her again.

-Suraiyah O., Comedian, New York

I want to make it easier than ever for you to take these tools and run with them, so that you can finally feel free being yourself and live a purposeful, meaningful life that you’re here to create.

The Content of what I’ll be sharing in this workshop and the tools you’ll take away I have taught only in 1:1 settings for upward of $7,000. 

And because I’ve seen this formula work time and time again, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to sign up and be here, transforming your blocks finally, and learn this same material. 

But this workshop and special pricing is only here for a limited time.

Here’s the Investment

$3500 or 2 easy payments of $1800

Only 6 Spots Available and Our first module drops on Monday, July 1!

VIP option:

(6 hours of 1:1 In-deptch coaching and healing to really have all the support you need in going all the way)

Have an additional 3 1:1 calls PLUS a half day intensive with me all for a total of $5000

(Only available for the first 3 participants)


"I was outwardly successful but inwardly stuck. I reached out to Colleen… That could have very easily been one of the best decisions I will ever make. Colleen gave me the coaching that I needed to make the necessary changes for my happiness and success.  She believed in my greatness and held me accountable for making my life how I imagined it could be.  She patiently and "present"ly guided me through meditations, neural programming and action steps I could take for permanent change.  Colleen is not only extremely positive, encouraging, she is also very talented.  I cannot say how blessed I am to have such a kind and caring mentor, and an incredible resource for personal growth." 

~ Michael McGillicuddy, Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

Can you imagine walking around feeling like yourself again? Actually living how you’ve actually wanted to live your life.

This is possible for you, and I can show you how.

My story:

You can check out my story in my video above, but what I learned for sure after being burnt out, not living the life I wanted, and feeling lonelier than ever was that connecting to myself again, opening up to my higher intuition, learning where all this was coming from, and finally taking action from an aligned place to overcome the blocks… changed everything

— I met my soulmate and now have the most supportive loving relationships I have ever had (he supports me, for me, and me guiding my own purpose and career!)

— I started to take off not just in my career of gaining clarity in what I wanted to be doing with my life, but also gaining traction in my own business and being able to live a life, travelling around the world to places like Belize, Florence, Paris, LA, and Brazil, all through doing what I love and what I feel called to do.

— Not caring what others think… feeling safe being myself, and if I ever feel off or vulnerable, knowing what to do to take care of me. 

—Finally Feeling Authentic in myself and how I live my life, happier, and more fulfilled with super cool people around that support me!

— On track and with guidance even when the tide changes. 

How this Program Is different

Usually homestudy programs are exactly that- you, at home, studying on your own. In my experience and from talking to countless others, that’s typically a way to not actually get the work done (and not see great results from the program, even with the highest intentions

then, other programs that have figured this out might include a facebook group, or a group coaching call.

However, I’ve specifically designed this program to have way more support so that you feel totally held and understood as you go for your dream, becoming 100 you.

And so, the 6 week accelerator has the enriching content, AND accountability.

This is an intimate program of like-minded, conscious people that gvies you the community aspect of staying accountable and understood by others on your journey through the Group Clarity calls and a online community,

PLUS the 1:1 attention of a seasoned mentor to really go deep and have the healings you need to see the program through.

Ready to get started? Click here for enrollment or to schedule a consultation if you’re having any trepedation.

Which is why I want to cut the time it took me to figure this stuff out, and bring you the formula and experience of what it’s like to do this for you!

I went into elementary ed, just like I had planned, and had a hard time finding a job. Once I finally did start teaching, I realized I really didn’t find as much joy or fulfillment in it as I had once hoped.

I remember sitting in a kindergarten teacher's chair not too long ago, finishing up the day, wondering what I was really going to do with my life. I had been substitute teaching for over a year now, when all I thought I really wanted was to become a teacher. I had studied it for years, all of my professors said I would be great...

And yet when it came down to actually applying for positions, I never seemed to get around to it.

I felt depleted, exhausted, and useless after subbing all day-- and yet there was something deeper going on. I couldn't find the motivation to actually do what I thought I should do.

Why am I not doing what I know I need to be doing? Why would I not want to be doing this? I studied so long, I prepared for this. People said I should like it...

But the more time I tried to put toward applying myself, the less and less I felt lit up.

I was feeling so alone & with no confidence--because I knew deep down that something was truly calling me, I just didn’t know what it was. 

I felt lost, I felt like a failure, and I felt like my work (and me) didn’t matter in the world.

Does this sound familiar? 

If you are like me, you love to travel, you love real-ness, experience, and enriching lives. You love making a difference and helping others, and you want to live a beautiful life. 

Turn the page of 3 years later, and I am now confidently doing what I love, being of service, and in a career that lights me up as a life coach and a speaker.  The coolest part of this story is that I still get to teach, just in a new and different way-- teaching my own peers in their 20s and 30s how to find their purpose in a meaningful career.

I help my clients find alignment with their true selves, what they want, and from that make the biggest impact they can living their life. I feel so clear and lit up of what I want and am being called to do in the world that I am heading in the right direction, that I desire to give others the same feeling of peace, security and contentment that I now know.

Sign up today to get this bonus savings, and I can’t wait to see you there!