Clear out blocks in your Relationship, Career, Health, & Purpose with an Intuitive Energy Clearing!

For a limited time, I am offering my signature intuitive energy clearings to help you transform and remove the blocks are keeping you stuck at half price and outside of my 1:1 coaching work.

The last time I offered these outside of my 1:1 coaching work was in February of this year , and I may not offer them again since I’ll be having a baby!

What inspired this sale?

Well, my baby Anthony did! I want to give back while I can, be of service in a way that is quick and personal and highly effective, while also having a fun way for me to work with you before going into labor (I’ll be honest!) ;) !

It’s a win win, and I hope to support you while you help support my joy and journey into parenthood for this window of time we have together.

Geneva, Richmond VA

Geneva, Richmond VA

“Working with Colleen is the best thing that I have ever done for myself! I am now free! Working with her removed blockages & issues than decades of therapy could not.

I no longer fear failure, I  am actively writing my book, I no longer fear what other people think of me, & my issues surrounding money are disappearing. I am living from my intuition & I trust myself. Colleen changed my life!” 

Do you ever feel totally stuck, but have tried so many different modalities

for healing that haven’t had lasting results

that you just want to give up

(or you think there’s something wrong with you?)

From years of counseling, to numerology, to pharmacuticals, to fun things like astrology!

Maybe they’ve helped for a little bit, you haven’t seen lasting results, are tired of how long it’s taking to really see change, or you just don’t know what to DO with all of the fun modalities you’ve tried!

I understand! I’ve played that story many times in my head, and sometimes felt I just needed a way to see the pattern, see the coherent block in the way of it all that I couldn’t get from a random (even if it were great!) book, podcast, or pile of crystals.

I want to help you find lasting change in a truly transformational way to get the block to what you desire to your healing and what you truly want from your life!

And right now, for a very limited time, you can experience this transformation at 1/2 price!

If I ever did sell these alone again, they are valued at $197, although the effects are priceless.

From now until July 26, you can access & experience this truly transformational healing technique all for the price of what you’ve already spent on 4 personal development books (that haven’t been a right fit totally anyway!)

liz bonham.jpg

"after hundreds hours of energy work, no one's brought the same quality or deliciousness to the energy work that you had."

liz, michigan.

How my energy work… works!

My gift is to be able see and feel in my body where your blocks are to what you express you want, and then use The Light to clear it away. With your permission, I tune into your energy field, and I scan you energetically to literally see & feel where your blocks are to the specific intention you make during our session. Certain guides such as Jesus, your ancestors or personal guides, and angels show up as well to do the actual clearing. After scanning, we pin point what is showing up in your physical body as the block manifesting, and I ask you specific questions to help the block clear and heal. Then, The Light clears the block, and you and I both know when there is a significant shift and the work is complete.

Then you go off doing and being, and feeling how you’d love to live!



“Colleen's healing sessions were exactly what I needed to move me through some stuckness. The first session I had with her was November 2018. It was so powerful, and I have a lot of experience with healing -- over almost 2 decades -- so I know what I'm talking about! I didn't feel the shifts in myself or my life for 3-4 weeks after the first session but I can definitely say that after that, I experienced big and positive changes in my outlook and the way I felt about myself, my business, money and relationships. Colleen is a powerful facilitator of healing, and great at what she does. Thanks Colleen!”

-- Kecia L., Canada

Only Available for 1 week only! Til Friday July 26

What Makes these clearings different?

This energy clearing isn’t like anything else I’ve ever seen because it uses my specific intuitive gift, and it isn’t reiki, or body talk! What makes this different is that I’m literally seeing your blocks, and have guides help clear out the blocks, while you and your intuition come in to communicate where it came from and when (it’s ok if you’ve never considered yourself intuitive- your body and spirit know the way!).

This work has a specific intention and outcome in mind (the one you make) so it isn’t broad, or forever ongoing.

The clearings of a single block can be done in as short as 10-30 minutes

and typically the results are long lasting, if not totally clearing of that block keeping you stuck.

Also! What’s so awesome is that these are equally effective remotely or in person (energy works in mysterious ways!)

Colleen is a spiritual midwife and I am being reborn. 

She holds down the Sacred Container, brings along her satchel of tools and magic beans- practical lifelines to empower YOU to connect directly to Creator God

Her own intuitive connection to the Light is strong and she guides the unfolding of a session with exquisite integrity.

I felt a profound shift in my own ability to kinesthetically/emotionally/spiritually connect to High Power, deeply and quickly, after just our first meeting. This is HUGE for me!

Her teachings are stretching me beyond my limiting self-beliefs and outmoded conditions into a *grounded* world of Higher Purpose and Possibilities. I am truly grateful for this blossoming and believe this work is the work and Truth of God. — Stephanie

What you’ll receive:

45 minute energy clearing for $100 (Valued at $197)

Clearing of 1 or more blocks keeping you stuck that surfaces during the session based off your direct request/intention (what you want cleared)

Any coaching or mentorship that’s aligned to help you implement your new outlook within the time container we have

What you can expect:

A virtual Zoom call (and recording at your request!) that is equal if not more effective as being in person

more clarity and peace in your desired area of focus

Relaxation in your body

Physical difference and lasting effect in your energy

Our session to happen between now and August 10 (my due date!)

As long as the clearing is purchased by Friday, July 26, the clearing can be scheduled from now til the end of October

What Others have Seen As Results from the Clearings:

— Book deal

— Consistently doing the thing that’s most important to them

— Doubling their income within their same industry

— Taking wrist pain from Level 7 to Level 0, and sustaining Level 0 for 3+ months after session

— Healing of trauma from childhood

— Regaining personal power back

Colleen is a very effective and generous healer who really listens.

“Her gentle way penetrated deep, and I felt things opening up for me days after our session. And although our time was up, she got the sense that something was surfacing, and continued working with me to work through what was coming up. I'm very grateful for this and her keen intuition and light energy is a true gift.” — Pooja P.

And right now, for a very limited time, you can experience this transformation at 1/2 price!

If I ever did sell these alone again, they are valued at $197, although the effects are priceless.

From now until July 26, you can access & experience this truly transformational healing technique

Don’t miss this opportunity! Let this clearing work in a way that pershaps you’ve never experienced to have true blocks cleared so you can go out and live your purpose and BE YOU in your relationships and expression of life (money, health, wherever the block shows up and is keeping you stuck!)


“I’m truly pleased with the healing session I had with Colleen Coles. From the start of our conversation, I could sense her intention in wanting to understand and guide me in any ways that she could. She is a great listener, very easy to talk to, and I felt I could trust her - which is so important when looking to others to perform healing work with/for you. She was direct, but not at all judgmental or harsh. Some of the emotions, visions, and messages that came up during our session were truly astonishing to me. Her advice was very practical and easy to digest. I think about what I felt/learned in our session often. I came away with a deeper sense of direction and power, particularly regarding my creative career. In the days after our session, I’ve had some personal epiphanies that I feel better prepared to take action towards. I was able to sort of hit a mindset reset button. I believe that I’ve been experiencing more abundance, and opportunities to be fearless because of that. I’m really grateful for the work that we did together and would love to work with her again.

-Suraiyah O., Comedian, New York


There are a few things I appreciate about Colleen. She’s got a great attitude and is always in a super supportive and positive demeanor. She’s tuned in and able to spontaneously respond in a clear and intuitive way. When we were doing our light work, she could immediately see when my energy changed or moved. I felt it and she said it at the same moment. She’s gifted at guiding and sharing  from her experience and her intuitive process. Each time I work with Colleen, I leave the meeting feeling like I moved some unwanted blocks and found a path to what I do what. Because of my work with Colleen, I’ve restarted a project that I’d put on the back burned and realized connections to past issues that were holding my work up. Happy to be making progress!!

- Vanessa A., Brooklyn


hey Colleen... just wanted to follow up... I feel so peaceful in my empowerment after our session. What a gift for you to share your energy for my healing... I honestly have more clarity on the block holding me back and how I was afraid of my own power. It really has had such a palpable energetic effect that I can feel down to my mitochondrial dna. Those are the words that come to mind... 

-Michele P., California

Upon hearing Colleen Coles on a Positive Heads podcast, I knew I needed to work with her.  I got the intuitive nudge.

I was blown away by her wisdom, intuitive connection to me and her style of going deep, beyond my ego.  She helped me identify and resolve some issues around my up-coming retirement and resolve an emotional issue that was causing continuous pain in my right wrist (Level 8).  I had tried other methods to resolve the pain with little improvement.    

With Colleen’s help I was able to identify the emotion, work with the pain, reduce it (Level 2) during the intensive and subsequently remove it entirely.  The two key results from the intensive were the eradication of my wrist pain and a path forward for my retirement, including an action plan. Working with Colleen was very effective in finding my needed answers. 

Jeanette M

Again, only for a limited time are these being offered and at half price and outside of my higher investment programs of 1:1 mentorship

Have any questions? Email and we are happy to answer!

Thank you for helping support me and Anthony before we go into labor,

for the opportunity to serve you in this profound, deep, and joyful way,

to help you get clear and be and do what you are meant for on the planet!