About Colleen



Hey! I'm Colleen Coles. I'm 27, love dogs,  and am on a mission to help more of my generation step into their true power by becoming their Authentic Selves & doing what they love in their work, career, and life overall.

I'm here to help you navigate through the fears that go along with living at this time-- as well as the obstacles we face when we find the courage to take the leap of doing what we're meant to in this world. 

I'm obsessed with helping you discover who you REALLY are, connected to Source or your Higher Power, what you truly would LOVE to do, outside of shoulds, so that you transform your 'scared self' into the Courageous One and go out and do what you would LOVE in the world.

I believe you are powerful. And I believe YOU already have the answers inside of you. My job is to facilitate the process of you becoming aware of that power, your truth, and help you discover your own strength and answers to go out and make the biggest difference you can in the world through aligning with your Higher Purpose & Potential.

We're all here for a reason. Let me help you find yours, so that you can help the most people & live a life that you Love.

Credentials: Why I'm qualified to Help You.


An Internationally Certified Coach through the Divine Living Academy with Gina DeVee (qualified under the International Federation of Coaching) 2016

Over 100 hours of coaching experience with people just like you.

Mentored by Coach & Author Irene Kendig

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 Graduate with Speaker/Author/Coach Gabrielle Bernstein, June 2015.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2 Graduate with Speaker/Author/Coach Gabrielle Bernstein November 2016

Trained at Unleash The Power Within with Tony Robbins  July 2015.

Mindvalley Academy Completed Course: The Visible Woman (live 8 week course)  with Gina DeVee

Mindvalley Academy Completed Course: The Spiritual Millionaire (live 8 week course)  with T. Harv Ecker

Manifest Your Destiny (live 8 hour training) with Melissa Kitto

Mindvalley Academy Completed Course: Quantum Jumping (8 hour training) with Jim Burton

Mindvalley Academy Course: Unlimited Abundance (24 week training)  with Christie Marie Sheldon

Mindvalley Academy Completed Course: Chakra 7 (8 hour training) with Carol Tuttle

Mindvalley Academy Completed Course: Love or Above (6 hour training) with Christie Marie Sheldon.

Other Cool Facts

Over 30 states, 12 countries, and 5 continents visited 

Ayurvedic Training

Certified Elementary Teacher, AZ & VA, k-6th

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